Joshua Cox

Joshua Cox

Wealth Advisor

Joshua Cox is a Wealth Advisor and graduated from the Excelsior School of Business in 2012, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Finance. His interest in investing began in high school, and a yearning for knowledge quickly took over. As a teenager, Joshua reached out to his inspiration, Warren Buffett, after researching him from a place of pure passion and fascination. Buffett's secretary emailed back, inviting the young Josh to a Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting, where Joshua spent the weekend listening to investment greats such as Charlie Munger, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett himself.

From there, a desire to pursue investment was born, and Joshua went on to pursue a career in the financial service industry. He quickly received all necessary licenses within three months and began his own practice in 2013. His determination to provide for himself, his family, and pursue his passion for finance is what generated the success he experiences today.

As a result, his goal is to pass this success onto others. Through diligent and detailed financial planning, Joshua has enjoyed watching his clients climb the mountain of financial wellness and come out the other side safe, secure, and sustainably successful. 

In his free time, you may find Joshua practicing his Christian values by striving to treat every person with kindness, compassion, and a calling to help impact their lives for the better. His wonderful wife and three sons share this pastime with him, and they bond over their collective mission to live each day to the fullest.