Financial Planning

What is the Value of Advice?

Working toward an independent retirement. Funding a child or grandchild’s education. Building wealth to pass on to heirs. These are common investment objectives and with good reason – people want to feel confident financially while also providing for the ones they love. But just because a goal is common, doesn’t mean the approach should be.

Our job as financial advisors is, first, to understand you and your specific circumstances and, second, to use that knowledge to tailor a plan to help you pursue your financial goals. And let’s be clear, a tailored plan goes beyond simply choosing investment products. It entails a deep knowledge and appreciation of your objectives, needs, long-term goals, time horizon, risk tolerance and – most importantly – your personal values.

The Financial Planning Process

No matter your financial destination, we believe a comprehensive plan offers the greatest potential for getting there. A personalized plan – one supported by products that fit your investment profile – will enable us to identify your goals and take consistent action to work towards them.

As we work through your priorities, we’ll keep in mind the four basic lifecycle phases of financial planning.

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